[otrs] Fwd: REG : Problem in Fetching mail from OTRS

vijay dahiya dahiya.vijay at gmail.com
Fri Sep 24 04:51:49 GMT 2010

Dear All,

After putting the Ignore rule in the OTRS , i started getting the mail but
after few mail i am getting the following error :

[Thu Sep 23 11:16:30
2010][Notice][Kernel::System::MailAccount::POP3::_Fetch] POP3: Fetched 1
email(s) from otrs at bbkindia.com/
[Thu Sep 23 11:17:18
2010][Error][Kernel::System::MailAccount::POP3::_Fetch][152] POP3: Can't
process mail, email no 1 is empty!

Please let me know how to resolve the same , even after removing the rule i
am getting same error .

dahiya.vijay at gmail.com
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