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On Jul 02, 2011 @ 04:08 pm, ronnamijares at yahoo.com wrote:

I have a question:

What's the real function of the option Customer Company?, because i tried to created more than one customer in only one company, but a received this message:


 Duplicate entry 'OnTop Inc.' for key 1, SQL: 'INSERT
INTO customer_company ( customer_id, name, street, zip, city, country,
url, comments, valid_id, create_time, create_by, change_time,
change_by) VALUES ( 'jluis at cnti.gob.ve', 'OnTop Inc.', 'La Hoyada',
'1010', 'Caracas', 'Venezuela', 'www.mcti.gob.ve', 'mcti', 1,
current_timestamp, 7, current_timestamp, 7)'

Then, maybe i'm confused but I thought that the function of the company client, is link several customers in just one company.


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