[otrs] HOW TO DISABLE the "Resize Handle" on the Ticket Details Screen (Zoom?)

Nils Leideck nils.leideck at leidex.net
Tue Jul 12 11:31:03 GMT 2011

Dear Axel,

On 12.07.2011, at 10:33, Axel Werner wrote:

> This Section does have some sort of "graphical handle" on its bottom where i can grab and resize the window  section. but this is quite anoying since we need to do this often to keep an overview.
> HOW TO DISABLE this rezize thingy and make it show ALL steps at once ? kinda like "maximize" the view by default.
> Any solutions for that?

I really agree with you! The resize-bar makes sense if you deal just sometimes with tickets, but for regular ticket handling this little feature gets annoying very fast!

Unfortunately there is no configuration to disable, remove or presize the size of the article list. I just can imaging that there is some kind of JavaScript that you could disable/remove (Keyword: JS Loader), but this could “harm” your system in a way that it is not upgradeable without loosing this modification.

Please be so kind and search or create an entry with your suggestion how this should be implemented into OTRS standard and what kind of configurations should be available on http://otrsteam.ideascale.com and I will be more than happy to vote for it to become part of OTRS 3.1.

Cheers, Nils

Nils Leideck
http://webint.cryptonode.de / a Fractal project

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