[otrs] resetting root password

Robert Woodworth robertw at a10networks.com
Tue Jul 19 02:39:32 GMT 2011

I finally gave up on Turnkey OTRS.
I took a fresh Ubuntu10 machine and got the "source" install.
I got the thing up and running (kind of)

I know that when it asked me for the root password I typed the right thing.

I cant log into this thing via the web.
I tried root, admin, otrs
To no avail.
I clicked on "forgot password" but that wont help because there is something
wrong with the mail setup.

Am I "bricked" again?
Is there ANY salvage?
Its taken me a whole day to get this far and I REALLY DON'T want to wipe the
machine and start all over.

How can I ssh into the machine and use the shell to set the web password for
root ?

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