[otrs] Multiple instances

Kristofer Pettijohn kristofer at cybernetik.net
Tue Jul 19 05:16:32 GMT 2011


I have set up multiple OTRS instances using mod_perl on a single server (using http://blog.otrs.org/2010/08/11/how-to-run-multiple-mod_perl-supported-otrs-on-a-single-host/).

Everything works except for the fact that otrs2 can view otrs1 logs from the web interface.

The Config.pm files both have their logging set appropriately, and the log files are both written to individually for each site (/opt/otrs1/var/log/otrs.log and /opt/otrs2/var/log/otrs.log).  

However, in the OTRS web page under Admin -> System Log, otrs2 user can see otrs1 logs.

The log for otrs2 is quiet, so I can't confirm otrs1 can see otrs2's logging data within their admin page or not.

What might be causing this?

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