[otrs] : ITSM Change SHOW Columns parameter

Lemp, Chee-Ling chee-ling.lemp at ualberta.ca
Thu Jul 21 20:53:37 GMT 2011

Has anyone found a solution to the question that was asked about changing the columns that are displayed after a Search or in the Overview of ITSM Config Items? I have added the keys that I want displayed in the ITSMConfigItem::Frontend::AgentITSMConfigItemSearch###ShowColumns and Frontend::AgentITSMConfigItem###ShowColumns.

It was asked a few months back by someone else but I just joined the mailing list recently:


I'm trying to customize some ITSM Change views: Search option and Overview
option (HTML or Normal output type).
I configured (added) two additional columns,  DescriptionPlain and
JustificationPlain setting the value to 1 but the columns are not showed on
the specific view.
Otherwise enabling a default configured column (for example Impact) is
correctly showed.
I also applied the same configuration on Search CVS output and all goes

I'm wondering if there is some constraint about the type of column could be
showed and if so how and what I have to modify to have
a customized view ?"


Chee-Ling Lemp

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