[otrs] otrs hangs at same time each day

Rudy Gevaert Rudy.Gevaert at UGent.be
Fri Jul 22 07:59:57 GMT 2011


I have setup the latest otrs (3.0.9) recently.  It works fine except for 
one thing.

Everyday at the same time otrs hangs for several minutes.

This are the things I see at that time:

- the otrs web interface is not responsive.
- the load skyrockets
- restarting apache doesn't help

After some time (about 10 minutes, I think) the system stabilizes and 
everything works again.

It looks to me the cronjobs are triggering it.  However I don't 
understand why it only is at that time.  And not every hour.
Please note, I'm running the postmaster mailbox cron every 5 minutes. 
Please see the attachment.

I also get this error:

ERROR: OTRS-otrs.GenericAgent.pl-10 Perl: 5.10.1 OS: linux Time: Fri Jul 
22 09:40:13 2011

  Message: Can't remove shm for log: Invalid argument

  Traceback (1222):
    Module: Kernel::System::Log::CleanUp (v1.64) Line: 250
    Module: Kernel::System::Log::new (v1.64) Line: 101
    Module: /opt/otrs/bin/otrs.GenericAgent.pl (v1.4) Line: 79

Identifier removed at /opt/otrs-3.0.9/Kernel/System/Log.pm line 226.

How can I further debug this?

Thanks in advance,

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