[otrs] Replace the rich editor with TinyMCE

Martin Edenhofer martin at edenhofer.de
Mon Jul 25 13:08:16 GMT 2011

Hi Philippe,

it's not planned, but yes, you can replace the RTE. The file which you need to change is Kernel/Output/HTML/Standard/RichTextEditor.dtl (you need to have developer skills to do the replacement).

As another example of RTE replacement see http://edenhofer.de/p/aloha-editor/ (OTRS 3 with Aloha Editor "beta" - http://www.aloha-editor.org/).



On 25.07.2011, at 14:36, Martignier, Philippe wrote:

> Hi there,
> I have several issues using OTRS 2.4.8 about copy and paste with html tags.
> It seems that TinyMCE is a better editor than the one used by default in OTRS. (I tried also the one in OTRS 3.0 but it is the same as before just with a new look)
> My questions:
> 1) is it possible to change this rich text editor with another one?
> 2) where and what file(s) to modify? I imagine there is a call to a javascript with the text field in parameter
> Thanks for any help,
> Philippe
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