[otrs] making sysconfig work from web gui

Robert Woodworth robertw at a10networks.com
Tue Jul 26 01:51:45 GMT 2011

I finally got this thing up and working with OTRS3 on Ubuntu10.

Incoming mail created tickets in the raw queue.
Im happy about that.

2 more problems:

First, how do I use the "sysconfig" option from the web gui ?
When I click on it, I get this:

Please enter a search term to look for settings.
Powered by OTRS 3.0.9

Where am I supposed to enter a search string?
There isn't any place I can find.

Other problem:
I can manually send mail, no problem, but OTRS cant.
No errors in the mail log, in fact no mention that it even tried in the mail

Im running postfix with sasldb authentication.
As I said, mail works from command line.

I must have missed something in the OTRS config?

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