[otrs] making sysconfig work from web gui

Robert Woodworth robertw at a10networks.com
Wed Jul 27 22:31:05 GMT 2011

The whole sysconfig tool is broken.
Ive managed to find places where I can manually hack the xml to make the
right things happen, but that’s not really the right way and the changes
will probably get lost on the 1st reboot.

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Hi Robert,

On 26.07.2011 03:51, Robert Woodworth wrote:
> Other problem:
> I can manually send mail, no problem, but OTRS cant.
> No errors in the mail log, in fact no mention that it even tried in the
> log.
> Im running postfix with sasldb authentication.
> As I said, mail works from command line.
> I must have missed something in the OTRS config?

Have you configured the SysConfig options at "Framework" ->

- Renée

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