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Sune T. Tougaard stt at lyngsoesystems.com
Thu Nov 10 12:05:49 GMT 2011

Thanks, i was kind of hoping it wasn’t that simple. ☺

It may allow for a bigger subject. However, it still won’t let me see the long subjects in the Agent interface.

For example, some users sends a long path to a document in the subject.
The only option that I’ve found, is to hover the mouse over the subject (only works at some locations) and type of what it says in the little pop-up that shows (and disappears again).

So I guess what I’m looking for, isn’t actually the subject size, but how much of it that is displayed in the interface.

Thanks again.

/Sune T.

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SysConfig -> Ticket -> Core::Ticket -> Ticket::SubjectSize


On 9 November 2011 13:42, Sune T. Tougaard <stt at lyngsoesystems.com<mailto:stt at lyngsoesystems.com>> wrote:
Hi all,

Instead of trying to educate all of my users, I’d like to increase the size of the “Subject” field in the OTRS interface.

Meaning: I’d like to make sure that no matter how the ticket is created, I’m able to see the full subject in the agent/customer interface.

I think I found some articles for earlier version describing how to create a new theme, I think, to allow for larger subject lengths.

I’m guessing I’m missing an option somewhere. Can anyone point me in the right direction?


/Sune T.

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