[otrs] Incident owner option

Neil Simpson nadsys at gmail.com
Fri Nov 11 10:10:53 GMT 2011


We need a mechanism to assign an incident owner to an OTRS ticket and to
assign a date for when customer feedback is required. Both fields must be
optional as we are only concerned with using these for cases where customer
feedback is required by a certain time.

The use case is as follows:
(1) Ticket is created and the creator will need to give the next feedback
tot he customer by a certain date (like tonight)
(2) The creator assigns himself as the incident owner and sets the date to
be today
(3) Ticket goes to the 3rd level support queue for investigationw
(4) At the end of the day, someone in Support runs a query for all trades
that require feedback today and reminds the incident owner that he must
(5) Incident owner sends feedback (or someone else, if the incident owner
is not around)
(6) The Incident owner adjusts the date on the ticket to the next time that
feedback is required (say, tomorrow)
(7) Go back to step 4 and loop continuously until the 3rd level team
resolve the issue.

is there any such feature or must we create our own system to achieve this?


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