[otrs] New tickets issues

Florian Edlhuber florian.edlhuber at gmx.de
Thu Dec 27 11:06:11 GMT 2012


Am 27.12.2012 um 11:13 schrieb "khaled mohamed" <khaled.mohamed at edrak.com.eg>:

> Dear OTRS team,
> Kindly help me in 2 issues in OTRS  3.1.12
> 1-      How to replace type and TO menus when customer create new ticket ?

replace? or disable it? disable it in sysconfig. replace with other things? I think you have to code something. or
you may describe what you really want :-)

> 2-      How change skin/themes on customer interface link ?

create your own scheme or skin. look in developper book. it
is creating a new skin and alter css files. 


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