[otrs] 2 queues, 1 of them very slow

Karlos Jelez otrsfan at gmail.com
Fri Feb 3 08:33:57 GMT 2012

Hi list,
I have a OTRS 2.3.4 instalacion for a few years.
It was working with 1 queue; currently 5,000 tickets after a purge from
Two months ago a set up a second queue; currently with 200 tickets.
I have noted that the fetching mails process takes 4 minutes per message
when the target is the first queue, but just a few seconds when the target
is the new queue.
The mail server I am using is a 2003 exchange to both 2 queues. I did test
with qmail but I had the same result.
I did set up PostMasterReconnectMessage to 50. I did set up storage to
ArticleStorageFS. I did optimize its mysql database.
But speed for fetching mail process for the first queue do not improve.

All help will be appreciated.

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