[otrs] Svar: Re: Diff between PendingDate and Due date?

Michiel Beijen michiel.beijen at otrs.com
Fri Feb 10 09:18:27 GMT 2012

Hi Martin,

2012/2/8 Martin Møller <mmo at itq.dk>:
> On my original 2.4 system, the previous administrator have installed YAML
> through CPAN in site_perl. This version is 0.70
> Now, with 3.1, you package YAML yourselves, and I guess that the site_perl
> catalog is checked before cpan-lib, so it sees the old version of YAML, not
> version 0.73 that OTRS delivers.
> Would it sound reasonable that an older version of YAML might choke on
> certain things in OTRS 3.1? It is working correctly on 3.0.11, where you
> don't distribute your own YAML:

You don't mention which kind of issues you are experiencing, so it
would be very difficult to tell whether or not YAML causes these. We
bundle some Perl modules in Kernel/cpan-lib for two reasons: you'll
have to install less dependencies if you will set up OTRS, and second,
we can control the version that OTRS uses; we do not need to bother
about distribution X shipping version 0.1 and distribution Y shipping
with version 0.9 of the same module; it gives us more control.

Apart from that, typically OTRS will always use the version in
Kernel/cpan-lib, even if you have installed a different version on
your system using CPAN, yum or apt-get. Also, the rest of your system
(everything else but OTRS) will not use these modules, so you will not
have to worry that OTRS will break the rest of your system by shipping
its own set of libraries.

So that's why I think it would be very unlikely that the YAML version
you installed via CPAN and the version you'll get with OTRS will
actually cause issues here. Of course, it *could* be that somewhere in
the OTRS code we don't properly check Kernel/cpan-lib before searching
the rest of the system, but again, that would be unlikely I think.

Also, the YAML code is only used in few places; for instance in saving
the configuration for the new OTRS web services. So if you can share
the error message you ran in to, maybe we can help you pin-point the
exact cause.

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