[otrs] problems with Criticality – Impact – Priority matrix

Juan Manuel Clavero Almirón juanm.clavero at ibsalut.es
Mon Jan 16 14:39:38 GMT 2012

We use OTRS::ITSM and I don’t understand the Criticality – Impact – Priority matrix. I’ll try to explain what I understood so you can see my errors:

I understand that there are 2 variables: Impact, due to the service, and Criticality, due to the incident. I can have an Incident with high Impact and low Criticality (e.g., a broken webserver that won’t make the correct salutation to my clients) and an Incident with low Impact and high Criticality (e.g., a server, that only our less important employee uses, is broken and doesn’t work at all). This way, you can get the Priority of an Incident as a combination of Impact and Criticality.

But, in the AgentTicketEmail, OTRS asks for the Impact and for the Priority. Is then Criticality a combination of Impact and Priority? Is Priority a misstranslation of Criticality?

Can anyone explain the Criticality – Impact – Priority Matrix to me?

Juan Clavero Almirón

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