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Nils Leideck nils.leideck at leidex.net
Thu Jan 19 22:43:35 GMT 2012

Dear Parag,

On 19.01.2012, at 21:15, Parag Bhalerao wrote:

> I don't think I understand what you are saying. Also, this link need not be part of the ticket data. This is additional link that will enable chat function with the customer. This can be part of the ticket information displayed on the right side in the ticket zoom view.
> I could find FreeTextDefault and FreeTextDefault.
> I simply want to add a chat option. By editing .dtl file I was able to add the label as you can see below, but I am not able to add a hyperlink to that. The hyperlink should bexmpp://<customerID>@chatdomain

I just recommend to use TicketFreeText fields because then you are update save. Modifying files is not update save, not even on patch level.

You have to do two settings to get my idea implemented:

1. SysConfig -> Ticket -> Core::TicketFreeText

Modify TicketFreeKey1 (or any available number) and put in “Chat” and “Chat”.
Modify TicketFreeText1::Link (or the related number) and put in xmpp://$QData{'CustomerID’}@chatdomain
DO NOT modify TicketFreeText1 or any other View!

2. SysConfig -> Ticket -> Core::TicketFreeTextDefault

Enable Ticket::EventModulePost###TicketFreeFieldDefault
Enable Ticket::TicketFreeFieldDefault###Element1 (or the related number to the TicketFreeField)
Define the “Counter” to match your TicketFreeText field number
Define “Event” with “TicketCreate” (as it is by default)
Define “Key” with “Chat”
Define Value with “click to start customer chat"

This will save the TicketFreeText field with a label of “Chat” and a value of “ click to start customer chat” whenever a new ticket gets created (Event TicketCreate), where the value will be a link that is build up depending on the customer id of the customer assigned to the ticket.

Just make sure you do not offer the FreeTextField somewhere, then this appears like a static new thing in the right meta pane of the ticket, just as you want. 

if this is not clear to you, I strongly recommend and OTRS Administrator Training!


Cheers, Nils
http://webint.cryptonode.de / a Fractal project

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