[otrs] Process Management - Unconditionally jump when a transition link is pressed

Gergely Polonkai gergely at polonkai.eu
Fri Mar 28 07:13:44 GMT 2014


We are currently trying to implement processes using the new (for us, at
least) Process Management feature. We have created the first steps, now we
want to do some transitions. The links in the ticket view show up as
ekpected, but whenever I click it, nothing seem to happen.

As transitions need a condition, we have added a Dynamic Field to the
ticket with a static value (which is set correctly), and in the condition
we check if DynamicField_processtest is set to that value (String
testvalue). The next activity would putwthe ticket into a new queue, but
that never happens. Could someone tell where we go wrong?

Thanks in advance!

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