[otrs] OTRS 5 - View and compose permissions but not to close tickets

Gerald Young crythias at gmail.com
Tue Feb 14 23:45:29 UTC 2017

Don't forget that you can prevent (PossibleNot) states via ACL.

On Tue, Feb 14, 2017 at 5:53 AM, Manuel Martínez Valls <mmartinez at roig.com>

> Hi,
> We would like to implement a scheme with agents having all the permissions
> on some queues (i.e. 'rw' permission on Main queues) but not on secondary
> queues on which they should be only allowed to read, reply and change
> owner, but not to close the tickets. We want also to allow the 'move_to'
> permission onto any queue.
> For example, consider the next scenario: a 3-queue scheme with 3 agents.
> Agent1: is allowed to do everything on the main queue Q1. He can
> colaborate on the Q2 (secondary), and have no access to Q3
> Agent2: is allowed to do everything on Q1 and Q2, and is colaborator on Q3
> Agent3: Main queues Q2 and Q3, and secondary queue Q1.
> To achieve this, I've done the following:
> * Add 'close' and 'compose' permissions (before 'rw) on
> Ticket->Core::Ticket System::Permission
> * Change  Frontend::Agent::Ticket::ViewQueue Ticket::QueueViewAllPossibleTickets
> to 'Yes', to allow agents to see the tickets in the 'ro' Queues.
> Then I've created many roles:
> Main1role: with all the permissions on Q1
> Sec1role: with the permissions: ro, move_into, note, owner and compose
> ... (same with the other queues).
> And finally set Agent-Role relations:
> * User1: Main1role, Sec2role
> * User2: Main1role, Main2role, Sec3role
> * User3: Sec1role, Main2role, Main3role
> Now,
> * Agents are allowed to do everything in their main queues (as expected)
> and to see the tickets in the secondary queues they need to go to the
> 'Queue View' (they do not see them in the dashboard). That's right.
> *Agents are able to read a ticket, and reply and, from the begining, they
> do not have the 'Close' option in the ticket menu on secondary queues. As
> expected. That's right also.
> * But, when they reply a ticket of a secondary queue, they are able to
> choose as 'Next ticket state' the closed state, and close the ticket. This
> is strange, because the agent has not the 'close' permission on this queue.
> Moreover, after replying a ticket, the user becomes owner and then he is
> able to see the 'Close' option in the ticket menu, and also to close the
> ticket, and he should not, as in the previous case.
> Can you help me to make this scheme work?
> Regards,
>   Manuel Martínez
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