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Wed Jan 25 08:23:31 UTC 2017

Hi George,

Am 25.01.2017 um 07:52 schrieb Dimitrakakis Georgios <gdimitrakakis at pancretabank.gr<mailto:gdimitrakakis at pancretabank.gr>>:

For the moment in OTRS there are 2 different dashboard widgets. One for the “new” tickets and another one for the “open”.
So, how can I create a new one that will combine and show both of them?

Just take a look into /otrs/index.pl?Action=AdminSysConfig;Subaction=Edit;SysConfigSubGroup=Frontend%3A%3AAgent%3A%3ADashboard;SysConfigGroup=Ticket
I think you have to create a modified variant of Kernel::Output::HTML::DashboardTicketGeneric to filter more than one StateType though.

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Jan Dreyer
IT Administrator — Operations — A-SCM-IT IOX Expert
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