[otrs] Slow Tickets with more than 200 Articles, why?

Stefan Rother sr at otrs.ch
Wed Feb 6 17:14:11 UTC 2019

Hi Mario,

> i am talking about "AgentTicketZoom".
> The search and queue performs quite well.

I have seen this Problem a lot of times after Upgrading Customer Systems to OTRS 6. The problem are wrong indexes/contend inside the database, but only for old tickets. You can’t do anything with changing OTRS or MySQL configuration options I think.

We are only able to fix the problem, when we analyze and rebuild the database structure and that’s complex.

But the important info is, the problem exists only with old tickets (created bevor the upgrade). All new tickets performing well and if all old tickets are closed, the performance is quite good anywhere.

I hope that’s help a bit.

Stefan Rother

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