[otrs] Export a ticket list with the first article in excel format

JAOUEN Egareg egareg.jaouen at elitt.com
Thu Feb 7 15:02:52 UTC 2019

Hi list, 

My agents bring me a request and I am not able to resolve it by now. 
They would like to export in an Excel or CSV format a ticket list where the first article of each ticket will be present. 

I tried to use the stats or search features but that doesn't work, except for the larger view of search result where we can read the articles linked by ticket. 

Is there a sysconfig parameter to allow articles (and more precisely the first one and the last one, if possible) to be exported as a column in excel or CSV formats ? 

If not possible only by configuration, is there an add-on available for OTRS v6 ? 


Ingénieur Recherche&Développement
Tel : +33 2 31 35 34 81 │ egareg.jaouen at elitt.com 

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