[otrs] Create a new environment variable using LDAP parameters

Alexis HAUSER alexis.hauser at imt-atlantique.fr
Thu May 14 15:10:59 UTC 2020


I found out that it was possible to modify Layout.pm to create a new environment variable. 

For example, it's possible to create a new variable called "New Variable" : 
$Self->{NewVariable} = $ConfigObject->Get('DefaultTheme'); 

And call it inside a .tt template file using : 
[% Env('NewVariable') %] 

I would like to get a LDAP parameters to define it there, in the Layout.pm 
This parameter is defined in Config.pm as "UserEntity", which is actually a parameter in our LDAP that we display on a ticket. What should I do to create a new variable containing it's value ? 
It seems it's not contained inside a ConfigObject but somewhere else... 


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