I'm writing regarding an OTRS behavior that we've been dealing with some workarounds but that now is about to give us problems (both to us and to our customers)

The behavior is described in the following bug entry: http://bugs.otrs.org/show_bug.cgi?id=5915

We really like OTRS as well as our customers but this little detail is giving us headaches. If escalation times are reset when tickets are closed by default, how are we supposed to have reports from the past with information about SLAs?

I know you guys have your development roadmap and you want to keep up with it but I've seen several complains regarding this behavior, it's just a matter of making optional the reset of those times by SysConfig, giving the user the chance to decide whether he wants those times reset or not.

Thanks in advance,

Leonardo Certuche
OTRS Certified Partner
ITSM Consultant / COO
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Medellín, Colombia