[dev] modifying mkstats.pl output

Grimes, David david.grimes at belointeractive.com
Mon Jan 5 10:20:10 CET 2004

Re: All

            Just so y'all know I did search the both the users and dev
archives actually the dev search feature is broken... Here's my deal. I need
to change the stats output. Basically there are 31 different plots on one
picture, entirely too much stuff for one 3x5 picture. I looked through the
mkstats.pl script itself and because I don't know a lick of pearl I couldn't
really find where the data was being introduced into the picture. Seemed to
me that all mkstats.pl does is actually build the png file. So some general
direction would be much appreciated! I have another question about
priorities that I will be posting in a separate email  ;) ......


Thanks for a great product!


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