[dev] Report on time_accounting

Simon M Tuckwell otrs-dev at stucky.org
Mon Jan 5 16:34:23 CET 2004

Hi all,

I would like to create a report with the following information on a weekly
and monthly basis in list form:

 * Tickets Opened
 * Tickets Updated
 * Tickets Closed

It seems to me that the database is losing some stateful information, as I
don't think I can easily work out which tickets have been opened and closed
using the "ticket_history" table.  For example, how can I tell if a closed
ticket was reopened during a month?

Or have I missed a column or link somewhere else?  I know I can work out if
the ticket was worked on using the "article" or "time_accounting" tables but
this isn't quite the same.  The information could be added into the
"ticket_history" table using a new "state" column linked to the
"ticket_state" table.  This would preserve the information no matter what
the current state of the ticket is.

Regards, Simon.

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