[dev] priority responses

Tom Hesp tghesp at euronet.nl
Tue Jan 6 11:23:11 CET 2004

Hi David,

I have been thinking about this, as I need a similar type of functionality.
The most simple solution I could come up with until know is to have the
GenericAgent move high priority tickets into a special queue and have it
execute a script (have a look at Kernel/Config/GenericAgent.pm.examples for
an example) that sends the SMS. I am moving the ticket into another queue to
prevent GenericAgent from sending out SMS messages again and again but you
can of course also think of a special ticket status for this.

Regards, Tom

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Is there anyway to define a "response" to a high priority ticket? I need to
have an sms message sent to a phone containing some basic info about the
ticket, i.e. customer name and number.. Any thoughts on how that could be


P.s. How can I modify the stats so there's not 30 different plots on one
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