[dev] Time Layout Question

Bob Smith bobsmith1 at marketweighton.com
Mon Jan 5 23:14:22 CET 2004

Tom Hesp wrote:
Hello tom, yes!
I agree with you that it is the right desition for time being, and this issue
can be debated
I was just spawning ideas:-)
It all depends where teh developers want to take otrs in the future, so I think
the matter of locallizing could be discussed.
I like the idea of otrs( it is great software), but I think it needs some
refinement, but that is a different subject.

> Hi Bob,
> Bob Smith wrote:
> >
> > Yes, the date/time format should be configurable to a user, I mean each
> user
> > should have their own preference of how time and date is represented in
> teh
> > system
> > Imagine an american and a Swede working on the same system but at
> different
> > places in the world, the american in america, and the swede in sweden.
> using the
> > same otrs somplace
> > on the net. they both have different locales but the system locale ( as
> now )
> > defines the date/time format .Thus this is an issue which should be
> configurable
> > as a user property.
> > Which raises a new question:if the date/time property is a property of the
> user,
> > then the language is too.
> > Suggestion:make locale a property of the user, not the system.
> Maybe I do not understand you correctly but the language is a property of
> the user (can be set in the user's Preferences screen) and hence is the
> date/time format as it is part of the language translation. I would expect
> that the Swedish agent wants to use the Swedish layout; of course if he or
> she want to work in the Swedish language but with an American date/time
> format then it becomes a different issue. Whether settings like the
> date/time format should be part of the language translation is of course
> debatable but then you get into a far more principle discussion. I think for
> the time being the developers made the right choice by making it part of the
> translation.
>  Regards, Tom
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