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Bob Smith bobsmith1 at marketweighton.com
Tue Jan 6 21:38:35 CET 2004

lists at neenerville.com wrote:

It has never been my intention to cause harm to anyone
I like the idea of otrs, it is a great product, but it is far from finished.
I appreciate the effort and time, and most of all *knowledge*, put into the
All critisism is in fact constructive, if one can't stand critisism of one's
own work, why be in the business in the first place? There is no silver bullet,
is always alternative ways of doing things. And as this is a forum for
discussing otrs, I posted here.

> Greger,
> > alright so I expect some comments on this approach, I'm not going to
> > change
> > anything in the otrs until ((otrs.de)) hires me.
> Either sarcastically put or with all seriousness intended, this really boils
> down to a rather poor demonstration of appreciation for the work that the
> developers and contributors of this software have done to get OTRS to the
> state it is today.
> If you have constructive comments to share regarding potential modifications
> to the OTRS system, please share them. But for my own sake and the sake of

wasn't what I mailed sharing opinion of possible improvement?

> those interested in furthering the development of this open source system, I
> kindly ask that you refrain from posting comments that are likely to incite
> others and may be considered offensive and ungrateful from those that have
> made contributions to the source.

As I wrote above I have never thougth of hurting anyone, but each one
participating should be prepared to get critisism.
If nobody says nothing, then how can things improve?

> With regards to the language system, the simplest way of providing
> translations of the software would be to create language files containing
> the appropriate phrases for each language. This would make installation of
> languages and future translations simple and is pretty standard practice for
> other installations. There's no reason to put unnecessary overhead on the
> SQL backend to display translations, and as the number of languages
> increases, so will the base size of an OTRS install.

Thank you!
That was the discussion I was waiting for.
But you are still missing the point in my earlier mail regarding locale and
On the other hand it all boils down to where otrs should go in the future.

When I was studying we had a doctor in business management and administration
which pose a very good question to me once.
He asked:"What business problem are you trying to solve?" I think ( no
offence!!!!) that otrs should undergo a constructive debate as to
where otrs want to go in  the future. The debate is necessary to be able to
determine the future road for otrs. Otrs is great, but can be made
*even better*!
Best Regards
and no offence to anyone

> Best wishes,
> Paul
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