[dev] Size of Date/Time Dropdown Fields

Robert Kehl robert.kehl at otrs.de
Thu Jan 8 10:14:28 CET 2004

Hi all!

Were it a good idea to change the size of the dropdown fields that allow
selecting the parts of a date, say for a pending reminder time? I'm
talking about the one at the bottom of AgentCompose, for example.

Right now, every dropdown field contains exactly 10 items. My proposal
is to limit the visible contents of the various field like this:

month - 6 entries
day - 7 entries
year - 3 entries
hour - 6 entries
minute - 5 entries

The 'day' setting is why I write this, I often want to suspend a pending
ticket for another week (or two), and would like to achieve this as
easily as can be. If the dropdown fields were to contain the above
number of entries only, it were just one definitive click to advance one
week. Well, you'd bounce on the 31st at last, yes, but only in 19,36% of
all cases. ;) On the other hand, I actually never  want to suspend a
ticket for the exact of  10 days.

The other idea, arizing right now, is a second line of dropdowns to be
chosen alternatively by the user, setting a (pending/closing) date/time
via given diffs, ie. +1, +2, +3...

So, what do you all think about it?

With kind regards,

Robert Kehl

PS: Wishing you all a Peaceful New Year, btw! :-)

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