[dev] Size of Date/Time Dropdown Fields

Martin Edenhofer me at otrs.de
Thu Jan 15 02:01:55 CET 2004

Hi Robert,

On Thu, Jan 08, 2004 at 10:14:28AM +0100, Robert Kehl wrote:
> Were it a good idea to change the size of the dropdown fields that allow
> selecting the parts of a date, say for a pending reminder time? I'm
> talking about the one at the bottom of AgentCompose, for example.
> Right now, every dropdown field contains exactly 10 items. My proposal
> is to limit the visible contents of the various field like this:
> month - 6 entries
> day - 7 entries
> year - 3 entries
> hour - 6 entries
> minute - 5 entries
> The 'day' setting is why I write this, I often want to suspend a pending
> ticket for another week (or two), and would like to achieve this as
> easily as can be. If the dropdown fields were to contain the above
> number of entries only, it were just one definitive click to advance one
> week. Well, you'd bounce on the 31st at last, yes, but only in 19,36% of
> all cases. ;) On the other hand, I actually never  want to suspend a
> ticket for the exact of  10 days.
> The other idea, arizing right now, is a second line of dropdowns to be
> chosen alternatively by the user, setting a (pending/closing) date/time
> via given diffs, ie. +1, +2, +3...
> So, what do you all think about it?

I see this point. It would be useful. :) 

But just if we have the old and the new way (IMO).

> Robert Kehl

  Martin Edenhofer

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