[dev] Re: Oracle support?

Robert Kehl mailinglists at robertkehl.de
Sat Oct 9 04:26:14 CEST 2004

Martin Edenhofer schrieb:
>> - Does the publication of the patches on this Wiki mean that someone
>>   is assuming any kind of responsibility for keeping them in sync with
>>   current OTRS releases?  (They are against 1.2.2 or something, so
>>   they are already a bit outdated.)

That's what the naming of the release means. If you're adapting a patch 
to a later version yu're encouraged to publish it, too. It may appear on 
the same page, any previous should remain intact.

The Wiki is free to use for everyone. Ie., anyone may edit the patches 
to their liking.

Feel yourself invited to care about "your patch", ie. adapt it to later 
versions, socument it, and so on.

> The OTRS project want to support oracle. OTRS is already working on 
> oracle. But at the moment we need some oracle knowledge to do a good job.

What about releasing the code you have? Some time ago we worked out an 
Oracle port together, do you remember, Martin? What about the results, 
weren't they nearly finished?

With kind regards,

Robert Kehl

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