[dev] Re: Force Charset in emails (Re: EncodeObject)

Peter Gervai grin at grin.hu
Mon Oct 11 19:25:34 CEST 2004

On Mon, 11 Oct 2004 18:17:57 +0200, Martin Edenhofer <me at otrs.de> wrote:

> currently OTRS is just using one charset (in<->core (incl. db)<->out).

I see, that's "core charset"! :)

> Anyway, it would be a good feature to force outgouing emails to an other  
> charset. Ot better, to put different charsets to in,core and out (So  
> Kernel::System::Encode needs to be improved).

Doesn't seem much hard to do, I'll check if time permits.

For me it seems to be good idea to associate a charset with every
larger text object (articles, notifications, etc) so it would be
possible to even set a mail charset for every customer, for example.
But that's just for the design, I don't think it's urgent to
implement. So far my patch would work for email (after maybe some

> What is FB_HTMLCREF for? To probe the new charset?

If you don't use any value it's FB_DEFAULT, which mean it dies if
there's a char not encodeable in the output encoding, like a
hungarian o" to be converted in 8859-1, or chinese spam quoted
to 8859-2. HTMLCREF created HTML embeds from those non-ecodeable
characters, so instead of dying
it generates &#337; which is slightly better.

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