[dev] mail based agents

Damir Dzeko ddzeko at srce.hr
Sat Jul 15 17:31:45 CEST 2006

Hi OTRS Developers!

After two years I'm back on the dev-list, surfing the archives,
looking to find has something been done regarding issue covered
on these URLs:


-- support for agents to do their thing using only their MUA of choice.
The first page was set up by Antoine Beaupré and the other is answer
to the two year old question about mail-based agent support, answered
by Joerg Friedrich: insecure, auth problems, ...

Since the agent-users (seasoned u**x admins) strongly required that,
I've already implemented that functionality in v1.3 that is being used
by an academic institution I'm working for. (Unfortunately, not in a
very secure and rather in a Q&D ad-hoc way. But -- WFM! :))

Now we're planning an upgrade from v1.3 to whatever will be the newest
release in a month or so, and before I get down to coding I wanted to
check has something been done in the mean time and are there any plans
for that.

I'd be glad to do it properly this time: full support for answering
tickets as an agent through mail client, also add support for ticket
state management commands usually available only through web interface,
and maybe even add security layer: PGP/SMIME signature validation or
one-time-password checking.

What to do, where to start?

Kind regards,

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