[dev] OTRS Suspiciously slow

McMahon, Mike (HQP) mike.mcmahon at rhi.com
Fri Aug 9 01:36:52 GMT 2013

Howdy All,

No matter the platform MySQL or PostgreSQL I am getting painfully slow performance in OTRS with even just a few hundred tickets.  We're talking load times of almost 30-40 seconds to get the AgentTicketQueue to come up.

I'm not sure what is going on - even the support assessment tool reports absurdly high times.  Ranging from 10-20 seconds depending on whether it is a SQL insert/update/create...etc

What is going on guys?  Where can I start to look at this.  It really seems to be the AgentTIcketQueue that causes the most problem (or any view that shows lots of tickets at once).

:( :(

Best Regards,
Mike McMahon
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