[itsm] ITSM Config Item

Kevin Valleroy kevinv at starionfinancial.com
Tue Oct 2 08:30:52 GMT 2007

I am currently trying to get ITSM installed and working.  I have
installed the ITSM modules and they install without errors.  When I try
to go to config item, I only have the system name and type of system
(Production, Planning....).  I have uninstalled and re-installed the
modules and have the same issue.  I also installed OTIS::ITSM on a new
server and have the same problem.  All the other ITSM modules - Service,
SLA seem to be working ok. 
>From what I can tell there are no fields in the database to store the
information- unless I am looking in the wrong place.  Does anyone know
where this info is stored?
I am using a Windows 2003 sp2 with Microsoft SQL 2000 sp4 and Apache as
the web server.
Is it a problem with the SQL scripts that set up the database as MS is
still new to OTRS?
Kevin Valleroy
Network Administrator
Starion Financial
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